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I had the pleasure of having some one-on-one French lessons with Christophe via skype and I have only wonderful things to say. He is enthusiastic, fun, and very knowledgeable. I particularly like his approach to learning / teaching, which is not your standard, boring, text book memorization. He really took the time to find out what I wanted to learn, what I was interested in, and why I was learning french.  This kept things very interesting and fun. It is clear that he has a passion for teaching and many years of education and experience. This makes for a high quality learning experience. I came away from each lesson feeling like I had learned so many useful things. His lessons laid down the framework for my french fluency which helped me to create the lovely life I now have living in Paris. I would 100% recommend Christophe for a student of any level ! 

Beth Kurtz, Paris

I began studying with Christophe to improve my French. Christophe offers a friendly and logical approach to teaching. Classes with Christophe are fun, challenging, inspirational and sometimes even musical! This gifted teacher has provided me with unique insights into the French culture and so much more than you would find in a book. He has helped me improve my confidence and curiosity learning this beautiful language. I cannot recommend Christophe highly enough. If you are hesitant in continuing your French studies due to time constraints or any self doubts, do yourself a favor and meet Christophe. You will be pleasantly surprised, and I promise you, your French will significantly improve. Bon Courage!

Lisa de Recat Gig Harbor, WA USA

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